Letting Nature Guide.

Enhance and deepen your coaching practice with tools centered on your connection to Nature and your own True Nature. 

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Welcome to the

Have you always felt a deep connection to nature? Would you like to nurture that connection while helping others heal their past, find direction forward and fulfill their purpose? If you've said yes, you're in the right place.


Whether new to coaching or a coaching veteran looking to enhance this aspect of your practice, our training program was made for your continued development.

With both day and evening class options, INCC offers flexibiity for your schedule.


Our program is part on-demand learning modules, part weekly live virtual classes, and part practice coaching with other coaches-in-training. Our delightful teachers are hand-picked experts in their field.

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Informational Webinar

Tuesday, December 14 @ 5 PM (Pacific)

Curious to learn more but not ready to commit yet?


Join us for a free informational webinar to get a sense for our style, personality and culture...ask any questions you have...meet other potential coaches-in-training...and if time allows, you might get the opportunity to be coached live by our founder, Jenn Bauer!

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What is a Nature Centered Coaching?

Helping people reconnect with their True Nature through connecting with Nature's wisdom and gifts to live in wholeness, joy and freedom.

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Is Nature Centered Coaching right for me? 

Whether you are new to coaching or identify as a spiritually-attuned individual, Nature Centered Coaching holds space to further that connection.

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How qualified are the Instructors?

All of our instructors are hand-picked experts in their respective fields. They have walked the road of Nature Centered Coaching as individuals before gifting it outward.


Is the certification all virtual?

Our coach training program is part on-demand learning modules, part weekly live virtual classes, and part practice-coaching with other coaches-in-training.

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Nature Tokens

What is Nature Centered Coaching?

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Facilitating tools and modalities that center around Nature as a teacher, sanctuary, and source of connection to a higher power and inner wisdom.

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A holistic approach to coaching the whole person across all auric levels - Physical, Emotional, Conscious, Subconscious, and Spiritual.

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Building and maintaining a reciprocal healing relationship with Nature.

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Holding safe, sacred space for Clients to connect to their True Nature.


Is the Institute of Nature Centered Coaching right for you?

If you feel called to do deeper healing work centered around Nature's infinite wisdom and one's connection to their own True Nature, we invite you to join us.

Great students always have questions.
Do you have prior experience with mindset/thought work? (Check all that apply)
I feeled called to: (check all that apply)
What does thought work mean to you? (Check all that apply)

Meet the Instructors

Learn more about the energy-shaping Instructors that make the Institute of Nature Centered Coaching the sacred space that it is.

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Adventure Access.



Tuesdays, 10:00 AM Pacific
Starting Summer 2021



Tuesdays, 5:00 PM Pacific
Starting Summer 2021
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Experience what 10 month transformation feels like.

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