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Anela Malulani Watson

Energy Realingnment Practitioner
DNA Activation Practitioner
Ancestral Healing Practitioner
Plant Medicine Woman
Medical Intuitive

About Instructor

About Anela


In 2016, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening.  Since then, I have been taking a deep dive into self and gained a deeper connection to my life purpose. I began to awaken to my spiritual abilities and learned various healing modalities and techniques through vibration, energy, sound and meditation.

As a practitioner, I guide and assist others on their path of transformation while helping to clear blocks and emotional trauma. I assist others in aligning to their souls’ purpose and merging with their higher self. I strive to assist in guiding others in their highest alignment with their Divine Soul Self.


My soul mission in life is to assist humanity in the awakening shift in consciousness. I am a grateful to be a part of the interconnectedness that occurs when the facilitator, client and Source/Love/God interact and bring healing forth.

Learning Modules

Ho'ola Loa Energy Healing

La'au Lapa'au - Hawaiian Plant Medicine

Image by Chloe Leis
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