Ann Ramsdell

Certified Akashic Record Reader

Certified Wayfinder Coach

Former Professor - University of South Carolina School of Medicine


About Ann


Ann Ramsdell, Ph.D. is a free-spirited, crystal-wielding developmental biologist who is fascinated by our origins – physical and metaphysical – and how they shape experiences and outcomes throughout our lives. In the lab and beyond, Ann’s favorite experiences are the ones that lead us to more joy and fulfillment. She is a fan of taking playful, imperfect action and has learned from empirical data (i.e., “screwing up”) that even missteps are valuable clues about where we truly desire to be. One of her central beliefs is that joy is everyone’s birthright – and that in order to fully experience it, you have to out there – as well as deeply in there – to create it. A proficient pattern detector and problem solver, Ann loves blending intuition with sharp analytical ability to help empower others on this quest.

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