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Dahlahk "Mountain Eagle" Pahtahlngee

Washeshu Elder
Medicine Man
Steward & Caretaker of the Earth

About Instructor

About Dahlahk


My Name is Mountain Eagle , I am from the first nations here in America. Washeshu is what we call ourselves which translates to "All the People."  This includes land, air, water, animal, human & those other untold entities.  


I have returned from a long sleep from Earth and have come back here to bring you all a practice that many humans have forgotten. This practice connects each and every one of us to the source of creation. Our intentions are very great and powerful. We are given life in the image of the creator, which is full of love, repect, honor, courage & compassion that can be added to the pool of intention. Those intentions go into an electormagnetic wave, which surrounds the earth and the healing can begin.


I have come to honor you my brothers & sisters by offering you a custom from the Washeshu, putting myself out there for each and every person who wishes to be a good caretaker, manager, listener.

Learning Modules

Washeshu Nation's Custom - Returning to the Heart

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