Luz Maria Ampuero

Founding Director of Tierra Nuna Ayni

Author of "Moon Woman Earth Woman"

Creator of  EDM: Exploration Dance Movement


About Luz


Luz Maria is one of the Founding Directors of Tierra Nuna Ayni.  She is a medicine woman that has been learning and working in the field of Peruvian ancestral medicines since 2001. She has also participated in global events promoting peace and ecological sustainability. Named Peace Ambassador in 2009 by the Dhamakaya foundation in Thailand. Since 2003, Luz Maria has traveled internationally conducting various workshops and therapies, including Andean wisdom, ancestral medicinal knowledge, women’s workshops, dance and movement sessions, and various therapies like reiki, massage, among others.


In 2015, she created EDM: Exploration Dance Movement and in 2018, she published her first book "Moon Woman Earth Woman." She dedicates her life to the medicine path and to create a new world through the Nuna Ayni vision of how to live in harmony with oneself as well as one’s surroundings.

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