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Nature Centered Coaching

Woven throughout the PEMAS Coaching Model ™ is our connection to Nature as a way to reconnect with our own True Nature. As such, the INCC program has been designed to cover a comprehensive spectrum of modalities.


Program Details

Flexible, Targeted Components:

  • Morning or evening program options

  • Weekly on-demand video & audio lessons

  • Weekly live classes with a Master Teacher

  • Live classes hosted by Instructors in an engaging & interactive “learning by doing” format

  • Lecturing & informational components provided on-demand via the online learning portal as class pre-work 

  • Practice Coaching Groups run throughout the program

  • In-Person 2-Day Immersion* (optional & scheduled at the end of the course)

* Travel to/from immersion, accommodations and meals not included.

Certification Requirements:

  • Engagement & Attendance of Live Classes

  • 80 Hours of Documented Practice Coaching

  • Passing a Written Exam

  • Passing a Live Evaluation of Coaching a Master Teacher

  • Passing Submission of a Recorded Coaching Session (with client approval of use)

Unit Details

Months 1-2

Nurturing the Coach's True Nature. This is geared toward supporting the coach-in-training with foundational tools for their own practice. It includes:

- Opening Ceremony

- PEMAS Coaching Framework™

- Finding your Original Medicine

- Identifying your Core Beasties as a Coach

- Mindfulness Practices

Months 3-4

Nature Guides. This focuses on tools that connect clients to nature to bring forward their inner wisdom. It includes:

- Forest Bathing

- Shamanic Journeying

- Animal & Plant Wisdom

Months 4-5

Mental & Emotional Tools. This section focuses on tools that help clients remap their thoughts and process emotions. It includes:

- Kinesiology

- Thought Work

- Integration

Months 6-7

Somatic/Physical Tools. These tools facilitate releasing energetic blocks in the body and Physical auric layers. It includes:

- Breathwork Meditation Healing

- Mind-Body Connection

- Rhythmic Dancing

- Chinese Healing Arts

- Healing with Plants

Months 8-9

Months 8-9: Astral & Spiritual Tools. These tools focus on connecting with the subconscious and spiritual side of life. It includes:

- Ancient Wisdom

- Ceremonies & Rituals 

Month 10

Month 10: Nature Centered Coaching - Completing the Cycle

- Holding Safe, Sacred Space

- Milestone Events

- Closing Ceremony

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